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redbeardsghost [userpic]

November 20th, 2012 (07:45 am)

This is a poem my daughter tossed out about a picture of a kitten in a wineglass

A playful kitten falls into a glass
and wonders what on Earth occurred to cause
this strange, unseen blockade his little claws
do not affect. How could this come to pass?
It all went quickly, suddenly, so fast!
A flash of orange stripes, his little white paws,
while prancing, had made one minuscule flaw.
The lonely kitten knew his fate was cast.
But then came I! With my camera in hand.
And when I felt I had pictures enough,
I made that kitten my number one fan
by scooping up that ball of soft, orange fluff.
My Goodness! Kittens sure do have it rough.
And on the table, the kitten now stands.