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redbeardsghost [userpic]

new "puter"

December 9th, 2012 (08:29 am)

It's been a real pain in the behind to not have a computer. I lost my HDD, as I detailed last time, and it took all my recent work with it. Since then, I've been trying to decide what the optimal move forward for me would be. I have decided to try replacing the laptop with a tablet, and after careful consideration of the options available to me a several stores, and considering that I don't like to jump into something this different with an online purchase, I opted to buy the Acer Iconia A200. It's biggest factor was that it, alone of the tablets available to me, could recieve a standard USB plug, thus allowing me to plug my flash drives into it and access the backup files I had there. I am hoping soon to have a case to turn my failed HDD into an external hard drive (not one I would have much faith in) and this also could, I presume, be accessed through the same port. Along with the tablet, I purchased a logitech bluetooth keyboard. It's not built int a case. I looked at that option, but all of them I could find had two problems. First, the keys were too small. I have fat fingers. I haven't learned to touchtype, but I am close, and having the keys smaller and closer together would have slowed down what is already a slow process. Second, having the tablet in a case with a built-in keybouard would have made it difficult to do what I am doing now, which is typing with the screen in portrait orientation. I am finding that this is a much more natural way for me to interact with the tablet. It wasn't really an option with a laptop, but as I go to the smaller screen and other changes associated with having a tablet instead of a computer, I figure I may as well get the advantages as well as the disadvantages.
I'm sure there will be a bit of a learning curve. For example, in writing this post, I have discovered that holding down the shift key locks the keyboard into all caps mode, and caps lock won't turn it off (tapping shift again does, though. It's like an old-fashioned typewriter). I'm looking forward to learning what other idiosyncracies there are to this new way of computing, even as I watch the old way pass by, and I can start to laugh at the oldsters, stuck in the 2000s using laptops like a bunch of geezers.